How to embed the widget to Notion widget: Turn your Notion website into a radio station!

How to add widgets in Notion

To embed inside your Notion-built website, you just need to copy the HTML code of the station and add it inside a Code block within Notion, between two "#EMBED" tags. That's it!


Though, that was just the short way to answer your question. To see the full way to embed a widget in Notion, stay with us. We'll go into detail right now!


1. Copy the code of the radio

First of all, you want to go to your Dashboard and get the embeddable code of your radio station.

There are multiple types of embed that you can make for your Notion website. You'll see all of these in the "Listen" section on the left side's menu within


For now, we've decided to stay with the most minimalistic embed. You'll see it by the end of this guide - it's just a simple "Listen now" text that opens a new tab with the player.


2. Create a Notion Code block

Up next, you want to go to your Notion page which hosts your Notion-built website. Please keep in mind that this only works if you have website.

So, once you're in Notion, simply type "/code" and select the "Code block".


3. Add your station in Notion

Up next, into the Code block, you want to paste the code that was previously copied, but you'll need to do that in this specific order:

  1. #EMBED
  2. Your code
  3. #EMBED

Therefore, the code has to be wrapped in between the two "#EMBED" tags. Keep in mind that this works only for Notion-built websites with, so trying it on a casual Notion page won't do the job.


Once you've done everything just like previously mentioned, your Code block should look like in the image above.

Now, as we've said before, this is what our minimalistic widget looks like in Notion.

What is

Online radios are great, and it's even cooler that you can embed a radio on your Notion page.


While Notion doesn't allow you to directly embed a widget inside your page, is here to help.


If you have a Notion-built website, you can easily embed your own station within Notion - all it takes is Notion's 'Code' block inside your Notion website!

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