How to embed the TuneIn Radio widget to Notion

Radio widget: Listen to you favourite music on the radio with your users.

How to embed TuneIn radio widgets in Notion websites

To embed a radio in Notion, you just need to copy the HTML code of the embed and paste it inside one of Notion's Embed blocks. That's it!


For the full way on how to embed TuneIn's radio widget in Notion, continue reading this guide, as we're now going to go deeper into the tutorial.


1. Copy the code of the radio

First of all, you need to go on TuneIn's website and find your favourite radio station. Once you're there, simply click the "Share" button.

how to add a radio in notion

After clicking the "Share" button, you should see a new pop-up on the screen. 


This little window is going to have the HTML code that you need to copy, and it should look simialr to the one in this image:

how to embed radios in notion

What you want to do is simply copy the text in the box. The text is that HTML line of code.


2. Make a Code block

Up next, you want to go to the Notion apge that you've made your website out of. If you don't have a Notion-built website, don't worry - it's 100% free, and you can get yourself one of those by clicking here.


Once you've got the website, simply go to its notion page and type "/code". Then, select the "Code" block from the list.

how to code in notion

3. Embed the radio station in Notion

Up next, into the Code block, you want to paste the code that was previously copied, but you'll need to do that in this specific order:

  1. #EMBED
  2. Your code
  3. #EMBED
how to play a radio in notion

Therefore, the code has to be wrapped in-between the two "#EMBED" tags. Keep in mind that this works only for Notion-built website with, so trying it in a casual Notion page won't do the job.


Once you've done everything just like previously mentioned, your Code block should look like in the image above.


Congrats! That was it really. Now, your Notion page will always look like that when you'll edit it from the Notion backend, but your users will see a working, playing radio station, like so:

how to add radio stations in notion

This is what your users are going to see on the public website.

What is TuneIn Radio

Radios have been around for decades now, and they're really great because you can use them online as well.


Notion doesn't entirely allow you to embed a radio widget in its pages. Though, a free Notion-built website does that, and it's awesome that embedding Radios is really easy.


In such a case, TuneIn is one of your best friends. Pick your favourite radio station and then embed it in Notion!

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