How to embed the 24timezones widget to Notion

Time widget: Tell the time through all of the time zones with this awesome widget.

How to add 24timezones widgets in Notion

To add a clock in Notion, copy the HTML code of a 24timezones widget and embed it in Notion. It's that easy!


To see how you can copy the code and embed it in Notion, keep reading this tutorial.


1. Copy your widget's code

You first have to go to 24timezone's clock widgets and pick your favourite widget. Then, customise it a bit and adjust it to your preference.

As soon as you've finished designing your 24timezones clock widget, generate and copy the HTML code of that widget.


2. Make an Embed in Notion

Up next, you want to create an Embed block in your Notion page. To do so, go to your favourite page and type "/embed", and then select "Embed".

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3. Integrate 24timezones in Notion

To finally embed 24timezones in Notion, you need to use the code that was previously copied.


More precisely, you now want to paste the previously copied code right inside the text box of the Embed block.

As soon as you've pasted the code and selected "Embed link", you should wait a couple of seconds for the embed to load.


Then, you should see the preview of the 24timezones embed in Notion just like this:

That's it! You've just embedded a t24timezones widget in Notion. So easy, right?


Can you add a clock widget in Notion?

Yes, Notion lets you add a clock widget. Simply copy the widget's HTML code and add it in an Embed block. That's it!


Thank you for stopping by. If you want to see more integration tutorials, have a look at our Notion integrations.

What is 24timezones

Want to add a nice-looking clock to your Notion pages or Notion websites? Then 24timezones might be your best friend in such a case. 

With this widget, you and your users will see a self-updating clock of any time zone that you want.

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