How to embed the Economic Calendar widget to Notion

Economic calendar: let's list all of these stocks!

How to add an economic calendar in Notion

Simply go to and customise your widget, then copy its code and paste inside a Notion Embed block. That’s it!


For the full tutorial on how to add an economic calendar in Notion, we highly suggest continuing to read this post. Let’s get at it!


1. Make an economic calendar widget

For this tutorial, we’ve used’s Economic Calendar widget. Though, if you want to use any other calendar, feel free to do so!


So, if you chose to go with Investing’s widget, you’ll have to go to this page and start customising your widget.

Once you’ve finished designing your widget, you should see the section to copy its HTML code, just like in the image above. Be sure to copy that whole code!


2. Make an Embed block

You now have to go to the page where you want to embed that economic calendar, and you have to make an embeddable block.

To do that, simply type “/embed” and select the “Embed” block from the dropdown list.


3. Add the economic calendar in Notion

Lastly, you have to add that HTML code in the Embed block in order to finish the process of adding an economic calendar widget in Notion.

Once you’ve pasted the code in the Embed block, remember to also hit the “Embed link” button.


With this being said, the embed will now take a few seconds to load. After the embed’s done loading, you should see the working economic calendar, just like this:

Hey, that was it! You’ve just added the economic calendar in Notion. Those are lots of lines, right?

What is Economic Calendar

If you’re a Notioneer that’s into stocks and generally into economics, then you might want to learn how to add an economic calendar in your Notion pages.


Fear not, in this tutorial we’re going to show you all there is to know about Notion and embedding an economic calendar widget.


By the end of the guide, you’ll have a list with many stocks and economic information, straight from All of that, right inside your Notion pages.

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