How to embed the Apple Podcasts widget to Notion

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How to embed Apple Podcast widgets in Notion

To embed Apple Podcasts in Notion, you need to do the following:

  1. Click the share button on a Podcast's page
  2. Hit the HTML code "</>" button
  3. Make an Embed block in Notion
  4. Paste the code in the Embed block


Though, this was just the short way to explain how to embed Apple Podcast widgets in Notion. For the full way, keep reading this tutorial, because we're now going to go deeper in how to embed this widget in Notion.


1. Get a podcast's HTML code

First of all, you need to go to the Apple Podcasts page and find the podcast that you want to embed in Notion. Once you're there, you'll need to hit the little "Share" icon in the middle-right side of the screen, like so:

how to copy apple podcast embed code

You'll then notice how the icon expanded with multiple other icons of platforms where you can share your podcast, such as Facebook or Twitter.


Next to these platforms, you can see the "</>" icon, which stands for the HTML code of the podcast's page. Click on that icon, and you'll bee informed that the code has been copied to your clipboard. 

how to find apple podcast embed code

Keep it there, as we'll need it in just a few seconds.


Want to listen to one of our founder's podcast on Apple Music, highlighted in the image above? Do so by clicking this link.


2. Make an Notion Embed block

Now, you need to go to the Notion page where you want to embed your Apple Podcast, and you need to type "/embed" and select the "Embed" block from the dropdown list.

how to embed apple podcasts in notion

Just like that, your Notion Embed block was successfully made! 


3. Embed Apple Podcasts in Notion

After setting up the Embed block, you need to paste the code (copied at the first step of the guide) right inside of that block.

Remember that after you've pasted the code in this block, you also need to hit the blue "Embed link" button in order to save the changes you've made.


Speaking of which, the Apple Podcasts widget is now 100% visible in your Notion page, and it should be similar to this:

apple podcast embed in notion

It wasn't hard embedding this, right? And hey, look at that beautiful design!

If you don't like the way that your podcast'd preview was embedded, remember that you can always drag each corner of the Embed block in order to reshape and resize the Apple Podcast embed, so you can model it according to your taste.

What is Apple Podcasts

Let's be honest, it's pretty much impossible to have not heard of Apple before, right? Apple is so popular that they're in lots of areas online right now, including into podcasts.


If you're an Apple Podcasts creator and you want to embed your podcasts in Notion, then this tutorial is 100% made for you.


Embedding an Apple Podcast widget in Notion is really easy, and the best part is that Apple made a really nicely-designed widget for this purpose.

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