How to embed the widget to Notion

Time widget: What's the time on the other side of the Earth? will tell you that!

How to add widgets in Notion

To integrate a clock in your Notion page, simply customise your widget, copy its code, and then add that code in Notion's Embed block.


If that was too vague, don't worry - it was just a quick answer. To see the full guide on embedding TimeAndDate clock widgets in Notion, keep reading!


1. Customise & copy a clock widget's code

First of all, you need to go to TimeAndDate's clock widget page and start customising your widget. This is actually the most fun part of this process!

After you're done arranging and designing the TimeAndDate clock widget, you should see a section related to the HTML code of that widget.


Double-check to fully copy the HTML code, as we'll later need it in Notion. We're bolding "fully" because you want the whole code copied so that your clock widget will work perfectly.


2. Create a Notion Embed block

Next up, head to the Notion page that you want to embed the clock widget. Once you're there, type "/embed" and select "Embed" - this is the way to make an Embed block.

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3. Integrate TimeAndDate in Notion

This is the last part of the process. You now have to add the code that was copied at the first step of this guide right inside the Embed block.

To do so, just paste the whole code inside the box of the Embed block. Once you're done with that, hit the "Embed link" button.


Then, you should see the fully-working TimeAndDate widget inside your Notion page. Here's our example working in Notion:

Look at that! It's a pretty minimalistic widget of a clock, made by TimeAndDate. Awesome, right?


Do the Notion clocks keep up to date?

The integration of in Notion updates itself automatically. You don't have to do anything, as the widget works itself. It's all automatic!


For more integration guides just like this clock, make sure to browse the Notion integrations that we provide. Thank you for reading this tutorial!

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Notion is lots of people's favourite no-code tool, and you're here because you most likely love or at least enjoy using Notion as well.


If you want to add a clock widget to your Notion page or Notion website, then we've got a gift for you. It's called Time And Date, and these guys provide you with awesome clock widgets that are ready to be integrated in Notion.


Add a widget that would beautifully tell the time to your Notion users. is dedicated to widgets that would tell the time from all around the world. The best part? They're self-updating, so you don't have to do any updating work.

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