How to embed the Calculator widget to Notion

Calculator widget: do the maths in an easier, more minimalistic way in Notion.

How to add a calculator widget in Notion

In order to calculate in notion, you just need to grab the URL or the HTML code of your calculator’s widget, and then you need to add it inside an Embed block.


Though, for the full way on how to do that, we suggest keeping reading this post, as we’re going to go in-depth on this tutorial.


1. Copy your calculator’s code or link

For this tutorial, we’re going to use this calculator from GitHub, and in order to embed it, you’ll only the URL of the calculator and no other HTML code.

So, simply go to the page linked above and copy the link of that GitHub page. Keep it in your clipboard, as you’ll need it in a sec!


2. Embed the calculator in Notion

Up next, you need to go to your favourite Notion page and paste the link that was previously copied.

After pasting the link, you want to select the “Create embed” button. Then, you have to wait a couple of seconds for the embed to load.


Once the embed's done loading, you should see a functional calculator, just like in the image below:

That was the whole process of adding calculators in Notion Looks pretty good, right?

What is Calculator

If you’ve used Notion before, then you might know how there is no way to add a calculator, except for the Equation block.

While the Equation block may be your solution to calculating in Notion, the funny problem with it is that... Isn’t so aesthetic, and people don’t really vibe with it.

In this tutorial, we’ve found the solution for your calculating in Notion, as we’re going to show you a pretty nice calculator widget for Notion.

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