How to embed the Moon widget widget to Notion

Astrology widget: see the Moon's status with this minimalistic Notion widget.

How to embed a Moon widget in Notion

Embedding a Moon widget within your Notion page is not hard. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Copy the HTML code of a Moon widget
  2. Create a Notion Embed block
  3. Embed the Moon widget in Notion


With this being said, let's hop into the actual guide on integrating The Moon into Notion!


1. Get the HTML code of the widget

For this example, we're going to use this website as the host of the Moon widget. You can use whichever website's widget you like most! 


With this being said, the first step of the tutorial is customising your widget's appearance.

Type image caption here (optional)

Done customising the widget? Cool! Now scroll down to the "HTML code" section and copy all of that code.


2. Make an Embed block

Up next, you have to go to your Notion page and make an Embed block. To do that, type "/embed" and hit enter.

Another way to create this block is simply typing "/" and scrolling until you see "Embed", then select that.


3. Add the Moon widget in Notion

In the Embed block, you'll want to paste the link that you've previously copied at the first step of the guide.

Remember to also hit the Embed link" button! If you don't do that, the changes won't take effect.


Lastly, here is what the preview of your Moon widget will look like in Notion:

Pretty cool, right? And the best part is that the setup was really quick! It took almost no time.


Does the Moon widget update itself?

Yes, the Moon widget updates automatically and you don't have to do anything about it. All there is to do is just embed it, and it'll take care of keeping up to date.


Was this tutorial helpful? For more like this, have a look at our other Notion integrations. Thanks for being here!

What is Moon widget

Are you an astrology fan, and do you also happen to be a Notion user? If that's all true, then we've got great news for you: there is a way to integrate a self-updating Moon widget in Notion!

With a Moon widget embedded in Notion, you and your Notion page or Notion website's users will be able to see the current situation of the Moon without even having to hop out of your page/website. So cool, right?

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